The Royal Lounge offers differentiated
living styles and cultural content

The Royal Lounge, which is located in Nonhyeon-dong Furniture Street, is a mixed-use cultural space operated by the Royal & Company (formerly Royal TOTO), a bathroom company

With differentiated bathroom showcases and art galleries, you can find a wide range of living products from all over the space. There is also a library of books of various genres. There are thousands of fairytales that can be seen with children, including books on architecture, interior design, art, and art, and there are plenty of places to see books.

The first floor café serves a nice brunch menu every day, while the second floor dining and bar offers authentic Italian cuisine and a wide selection of wines. In particular, six floor lecture hall is held about 120 times a year about arts, humanities, interior and living, so you can enjoy one-stop culture service in one space.

Beautiful architecture selected by Gangnam District Office in Seoul, Korea!

The Royal Lounge offers a unique experience in itself.
It is open from the basement to the second floor, giving a cool feeling of space, and the wide window gives you the feeling that you are looking at the picture gallery.
It is also a special experience to try public baths suitable for bath companies.
Each floor has its own distinctive design, and Royal's unique products offer different pleasures.

Café & Restaurant dinning time Weekdays AM 09:00 ~ PM 24:00